Our Story

Hi, I’m Nikki.

It’s no exaggeration to say that dance changed my life. 

As a young girl, I didn’t quite fit in. I was a little overweight, my confidence was down and traditional competitive sports just didn’t work for me.

Until I was introduced to dance.

In dance, I discovered my calling. It’s become my lifelong passion.

Dance has given me confidence.

It’s allowed me to express myself, to participate, and to be creative.

Through dance I discovered – and continually re-learn – my own potential, my passion and my courage.

I want to give as many kids as possible the opportunity to discover this same transformational change, through the joy of dance and fitness. 

Because we’re immersed in a conscious, holistic philosophy, our classes also weave in a grounded approach to mindfulness.

And over the past few years, thousands of young Australians – from preschoolers to late teens – have felt the power of our dance incursion programs for schools.

It’s always rewarding for us and our partner schools to see the smiles, the joy 
and the satisfaction on kids’ faces, every day.

But there’s more. We have evolved.

Dance is still at our core, but now we also deliver tailored, innovative fitness and mindfulness programs for children and young people. We’ve brought the benefits of mindfulness to the fore. Best of all, we try to meet the needs of every student – after all, i is for individual!

We’d love the opportunity to talk about our unique, high-energy programs for your school’s kids. Together, we can deliver something special.

See you on the dance floor.


The Nikki Visaj Movement Story

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