NVM programs align to the Victorian Curriculum

All NVM incursions are not just fun, inclusive and dynamic, they are also meticulously designed to align with the Victorian Curriculum.

Here is an example of how NVM can provide a school with a unit overview showing the curriculum links and learning intentions for their bespoke unit.

We have developed our links with advice and input from ACHPER Victoria’s Professional Learning team.

Contact us about how we can add value to the programs we already teach by designing  a program for you which aligns to the HPE and/or Dance Curriculum.

Engage and motivate your students

Our classes help them feel the joy of dance, movement and mindfulness, no matter their age or stage.

We’ve developed our programs to meet your curriculum goals and:

  • build children’s confidence
  • encourage their self-expression
  • develop their fitness and creativity.

Young people relate to our instructors, who work hard to engage and connect with their groups.

Kids leave feeling invigorated and fully alive.

As well as the vast array of programs we teach, we can also collaborate with you to tailor a program to meet your specific curriculum needs. We think about how you might measure success through meaningful outcomes – think school concerts, performances and stunning new dance moves!

NVM focus areas for all classes

  • Demonstrate safe and correct techniques
  • Encourage the pursuit of lifelong fitness and wellbeing
  • Promote fun, non-competitive fitness, dance and mindfulness experiences
  • Perform fundamental movement skills and sequences with confidence
  • Model self-awareness and self-management skills, always striving to improve
  • Promote the benefits of fitness for mental health
  • Educate about our muscle groups and how they work together
  • Effectively target specific muscle groups
  • Teach young people how to relax through mindfulness

Styles to choose for your group

See the various styles we offer under our dance, fitness, mindfulness & virtual platforms:

Celebration days or special events

Apart from incursions, virtual and video needs to meet the needs of schools and holiday programs, we also offer different types of special events, including those we tailor uniquely for your school:

Physical literacy

Our services align with Physical Literacy Guide for Schools.

What we need from you

  • A large, open space suitable to accommodate both participating students and audience
  • A raised area or stage is a bonus but not compulsory
  • A wireless microphone
  • Our instructors will arrive at least 15 mins before the start of the event to sign in and set up
  • Our instructors will provide all equipment and speakers
  • Our programs are structured around your school timetable
  • Teachers must be present during the session

All of our instructors hold a registered Working With Children government clearance (WWCC).

NVM has child–safe policies and practices in place

See our policies here and please ask us if you have any special concerns or questions about working with children, cultural safety or diversity and inclusion.


All prices are negotiable to suit school budgets. We don’t want students to miss out on their Nikki Visaj Movement experience!

Program Pricing
1-hour incursion of either Fitness Dance or Mindfulness
From $190
Whole-school event
From $6 per student
Dancemob concert
From $6 per student
Wellbeing day
From $6 per student
Wellbeing concert
From $6 per student
Indigenous Experiences
From $10 per student
Whole School Holistic Transformation
(minimum 5 weeks)
$2000 per week

Contact us

Phone: 0425 131 554
Email: Nikki Visaj
ABN: 86 605 804 822

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