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A new direction in wellness

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“We believe in kids believing in themselves

In having fun and smiling faces

We believe no two kids are the same and many dance to their own tune

We believe in moves, grooves and the joy of rhythm

Of discovering new abilities and talents

We are not old school, we are the new cool”

There's a vital synergy between our mind and body, and these MINDFUL MOB programs introduce students to the calming practice of mindfulness.

Mindfulness means paying attention in the present moment to thoughts, feelings, body sensations or our surrounding environment. Studies have found that mindfulness improves attention, emotional regulation, behaviour in school, social skills, empathy, test anxiety and stress, and other benefits in children and young people.

When we challenge or strengthen our minds, we increase our ability to focus, recognise and manage our emotions, make better decisions, and feel empathy in our relationships.

Bringing mindfulness to physical activity increases the effectiveness of exercise. It's also safer and more enjoyable!

Focus Areas

  • Demonstrate safe and correct techniques
  • Encourage the pursuit of lifelong fitness and wellbeing
  • Promote fun, non-competitive fitness experiences
  • Perform fundamental movement skills and sequences with confidence
  • Demonstrate stress reduction techniques
  • Promote self-esteem and positive self-image
  • Improve individual and social awareness
  • Enhance physical strength, fitness and flexibility
  • Promote the benefits to mental health

Styles to choose from

Yoga is a core component in our approach to weaving mindfulness throughout our entire curriculum. We teach yoga by making it relevant to children and young people. We offer classes to suit all age groups between 5 and 18.

Many factors contribute to holistic wellness for kids – apart from nutrition, sleep and friendships, we can help them with mindfulness, movement and body image by discussing how yoga practice will help the rest of their life.

We guide students in an age-appropriate way through a series of yoga postures suited to their bodies.Our yoga program uses both movement and stillness as a way to come into the present moment. Through meditation and mindful movement, we can create a sense of ease and relaxation in the body. This allows for greater clarity, focus and wellbeing.

“Yoga improves the ability of students to manage psychosocial stressors. Controlled studies with students have demonstrated improvement in feelings of anger, depression, stress, negative affect, body dissatisfaction, self-concept and anxiety.” Hagins, Haden and Daly (2013)
Using our underlying principles of mindfulness and mindful learning, we guide students through a series of exercises that focus on control, concentration and core strength. 

Pilates lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body in a balanced fashion. We offer classes to suit all age groups between 5 and 18.

This program helps students to improve their flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness, including a mindful approach to breathing and movement. 

Learning and developing a range of fundamental movement skills also helps students with increased confidence levels and self-esteem.

This course teaches technical and creative contemporary dance skills while also incorporating a mindful approach to movement.

Using the experiences from the technical dance aspects and the physical, as well as mental/emotional expressions of creativity, we combine the elements to create thoughtful, insightful and empowering performances.

Technical – Students learn about safe dance practice for their bodies. We teach them the theory behind contemporary dance styles (safety release), jazz/lyrical and some tumbling and floor techniques.

Creative – Students’ creative expression is supported in 2 tiers:

We teach students about the artistry of dance as a body moving in space. They learn several different types of movement-concept scaffolds to help them develop their own dance style or choreography.  The structure of these scaffolds will help students to find the right balance between freedom and guidance. We want them to feel liberated, not overwhelmed.


As they progress through the units of Mindfulness, Identity and Friendship, students discover how to articulate their innate personal strengths of character. When they’ve identified a trait they recognise, and experience it as positive and powerful, we will support them to start consciously embodying that trait. This involves helping students to feel throughout their body, the sensation of what it is to be uniquely powerful. We encourage them to recognise the way these empowering parts of their identity support their family, friends and thebroader community around them.

Students learn about the artistry of dance as a body moving in space. We share several different movement-concept scaffolds, which help them to create their own dance style, or choreography. The structure of these scaffolds helps students to learn about the right balance of freedom and guidance. We want them to feel liberated, not overwhelmed.

During this flexible program instructors can guide sessions of mindfulness training, plus offer short daily practices and additional lessons where required. Teachers and students can continue short mindfulness practices on their own once the program is complete. Students learn to apply mindfulness to everyday circumstances. Lessons can include:

– Mindful listening
– Mindful breathing
– Mindful movement
– Mindfulness of thoughts and emotions
– Cultivating positivity, such as kindness, generosity and gratitude

Our Indigenous mindfulness program works well with or alongside our other Indigenous dance programs, although it focuses more on introducing traditional meditation practices and spiritual principles, including the benefits of mindfulness in nurturing relationships and identity. The class has been designed to immerse your students in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditions and beliefs.

It begins with an Acknowledgement of Country, an introduction to Aboriginal spiritual beliefs and how relationships with self and others fit into this ancient worldview. Breathing, meditation and mindfulness exercises are accompanied by traditional didgeridoo rhythms, and a vocal exercise component merges chanting with all skills learned, to find harmony through song.

This program is a perfect addition to your learning design around Reconciliation or Naidoc week! It can also complement the Australian Curriculum cross-curriculum priorities and explorations into Aboriginal Histories and Cultures.

Our instructors come to your school to help create the ultimate mind-body experience for your students – combining passionate dance energy, collaborative fitness fun and irresistible rhythms with the calm, relaxing winding-down energies of mindfulness.

Get your kids together to celebrate the benefits of dance,fitness and relaxation with a holistic theme of mindfulness. In a concert format, our energetic instructors will lead kids through the 1-hour session, creating an unforgettable experience.

The session ends with mindfulness exercises designed to help students be present and grounded for the rest of their day.

We aim to give students a mind-body-spirit journey that nourishes them, spreading positive vibes throughout your school!
We can bring a whole exhilarating day of fitness to your school!

Our wellbeing days immerse your students in a day of dance fitness combined with wellness messaging through our mindfulness philosophy. Like a deep, flowing energy, it pulses through our classes.

Select from our list of programs and styles across DanceMOB, FIITMOB and MindfulMOB to create your own unique celebration for your students. After all, i is for Individual!
  • An open space suitable for the number of participating students (and sometimes an audience too)
  • Our instructor will arrive at least 15 minutes before the class begins to sign in and set up
  • Our instructor will provide all equipment and speakers
  • Our programs are structured around your school timetable
  • Teachers must be present during the session
  • All of our instructors have working with children clearances (WWCC)


All prices are negotiable to suit school budgets. We don’t want students to miss out on their Nikki Visaj Movement experience!

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