The Nikki Visaj Movement - DanceMOB for schools

A new direction in dance

“We believe in kids believing in themselves

In having fun and smiling faces


We believe no two kids are the same and many dance to their own tune


We believe in moves, grooves and the joy of rhythm


Of discovering new abilities and talents

We are not old school, we are the new cool”

Our sChOOL of DANCEMOB dance incursion programs are a fun, inclusive and dynamic breath of fresh air for kids and schools. How better to engage kids than by helping them feel the joy of dance and movement? Our school dance incursion programs inspire and motivate young people of all ages. They've been carefully developed to meet your curriculum goals, while also building children's confidence, self-expression, fitness and creativity. Young people relate to our instructors, who work hard to engage and connect with their groups. Kids leave feeling invigorated and fully alive. We celebrate the benefits that dance brings to wellbeing. We also know from experience that kids love and look forward to our classes with great anticipation!
We offer a vast array of dance styles for your students, including Hip hop, African, Beyonce, Around The World,  Indigenous Australian, and Contemporary. We can also collaborate with you to tailor a program to meet your specific curriculum needs, including considering how you might measure success through meaningful outcomes - think school concerts, performances and stunning new dance moves!dance incursions

See you on the dance floor!

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Dance Incursion Programs
Focus Areas

  • Demonstrate safe and correct techniques

  • Encourage the pursuit of lifelong fitness and wellbeing

  • Promote fun, non-competitive fitness experiences

  • Perform fundamental movement skills and sequences with confidence
  • Model self-awareness and self-management skills, always striving to improve

  • Promote the benefits of fitness for mental health

  • Educate about our muscle groups and how they work together

  • Effectively target specific muscle groups 

Dance styles to choose from

African Dance

Recommended for kids from 5 to 18

Storytelling is expressed through dance in this energetic and vibrant genre. African Dance is a fun, high-energy creative dance incursion program that incorporates many modern styles including hip hop, funk, jazz and jive.

The drums of the African beats will have your students moving with freedom and confidence - building a magnificent energy in the room.


Recommended for kids from 5 to 18 

Contemporary Dance classes are an accessible way for students to explore a blend of traditional dancing styles. This dance incursion program offers less structured movement and encourages students to discover the ways their bodies can move.

Contemporary Dance classes can cater for groups of absolute beginners. They offer an introduction to dance that fuses ballet, jazz, hip hop and breakdance. We can also offer suitable challenges and fresh experiences for groups of more confident dancers.

Contemporary Dance gives students the opportunity to discover more about themselves, and how to use their bodies to express emotions through physical movement.  


Recommended for kids from 5 to 18! 

Students get into character and shine in this dance incursion program, as they recreate classical Broadway moves in classes that deliver a highly polished production. 

Broadway is a creative program that encourages students to express themselves through movement focused on stories and characters, with a lot of drama!


Recommended for kids from 5 to 18

Commercial Dance encompasses an array of styles including hip hop, jazz, locking, popping, breakdancing, krumping and more. 

Students will learn to dance like they are performing on stage, a catwalk, or in a music video.


Recommended for kids from 5 to 18

Beyonce dance is devoted to the spirit of the singer Beyonce.

Channelling her inspiring power and confidence, students are transformed when they master the bootylicious dance moves of Queen Bey.

This iconic woman is beautiful, feminine and strong. She is known for spreading the word about body confidence and body positivity.


Recommended for kids from 5 to 18

Students get to be fully immersed in a different culture through dance!

Learning a cultural dance and the role it plays in a society raises awareness and appreciation of other people and different cultural values.

We offer several cultural dance styles including Greek, Italian, Indonesian, Indigenous Australian, Bollywood, Haka, Dancehall, and African.


Recommended for kids from 5 to 18

Highlighting the music and dance culture of Latin America, this is a fierce, fun and exhilarating dance incursion program.

It's a dance party that moves through the rhythms of ChaCha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive.

Our Latin class is an extreme dance experience featuring Latin-inspired music. Students will enjoy a total workout, combining all the elements of fitness – cardio, muscle, conditioning, balance and flexibility. They'll discover the rhythm of their body through the exhilarating motion of dance.  


Recommended for kids from 5 to 18

Breakdancing is one of the most recognisable styles of dancing.

Also called break, breaking, B-boying and B-girling, breakdancing is a spectacle of athleticism. At its best, it's a combination of acrobatic dance styles.

Break is characterised by intricate footwork, pantomime and 'power moves' like head spins, windmills, tumbling, and elaborate improvised virtuoso movements.

We are especially proud of our break teachers, who are amongst the finest talents in this genre worldwide.


Recommended for kids from 5 to 18

One of the greatest talents the world has ever known, Michael Jackson is the epitome of music and dance excellence.

He moonwalked into our lives three decades ago, and continues to remain relevant.

Participating in this iconic form of dance requires only one thing, a love for music!

Our experienced instructors take students through the famous MJ moves from Thriller, to Bad and Billie Jean. No matter their level of experience, this dynamic class guarantees to have your students moonwalking to their hearts' content.  


Recommended for kids from 5 to 18

A fun, high-energy cheerleading dance incursion program that focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of cheerleading - teamwork, muscle strength, flexibility, coordination and most importantly, a positive mindset. This class brings the fun and fitness benefits of cheerleading through a highly energetic choreographed routine, and of course pom poms!

Cheerleading is a great way for students to stay fit and maintain overall good health, while also providing an educational benefit, as it requires hard work, dedication and practice, which will carry over to the classroom and help their focus.

Indigenous Traditional

Recommended for kids from 5 to 18

Our traditional Indigenous dance incursion program combines discussion and activities to immerse your students in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditions and beliefs. 

The program includes Acknowledgement of Country, meditation, the role of ceremony and ceremonial performance, traditional dance, and a didgeridoo demonstration.

This program is a perfect addition to your learning design around Reconciliation or Naidoc week! It can also complement the Australian Curriculum cross-curriculum priorities and explorations into Aboriginal Histories and Cultures

* there is an additional cost for this very special program

Indigenous Contemporary

Recommended for kids from 5 to 18

This dance incursion program is a perfect addition to your learning design around Reconciliation or Naidoc week! It can also complement the Australian Curriculum cross-curriculum priorities and explorations into Aboriginal Histories and Cultures.

Through 'Liyan Nyikina', a phrase springing from the Kimberley region, meaning ‘to connect to country and spirit’, we use contemporary dance to help students understand Aboriginal culture. Dance connects students with the spirit world and Australia's unique cultural heritage.

 * there is an additional cost for this very special program

Indigenous Hip Hop

Recommended for kids from 5 to 18

Hip hop culture has played an important role in Australian First Nations communities since the 1980s. As throughout history, African American music has become a rallying point for Aboriginal people, as the themes of oppression, racism, poverty and social instability explored by these art forms are experienced here too.

Hip hop as a musical form continues to resonate and give voice to young Australians. It helps them to express their life experiences through dance, fashion, art and music.

Australian Indigenous hip hop artists include Wire MC and Native Son 10 and 20 years ago, and current artist like Baker Boy, Dallas Woods, Drmngnow, Briggs and Adrian Eagle.

In the Indigenous hip hop dance incursion program, we focus on this vibrant and energetic dance form behind the music, to give support to the struggles still being experienced by Aboriginal young people.

Shine Dance & Sing

Recommended for kids from 5 to 18

This exciting program gives kids the opportunity to be a part of an exhilarating showcase of all the popular and much-loved stage shows - think Hairspray, Moana, Frozen, The Lion King, Madagascar and Sing!

The joy and energy that fills the room when kids get to hear and perform to songs from popular TV shows or stage productions is testament to their lasting power and influence. We often see that, word for word, children and young people can sing, recite lyrics and dance the popular movements from these shows.

This exhilarating dance incursion program allows them to enjoy a moment of stardom to build confidence and create dreams where they can SHINE.


Recommended for kids from 5 to 18

Our Confidence program brings meaning and a new direction to dance sessions for children and young people. Students work through a set of fun movement challenges and activities that help them to build confidence and awareness every step of the way.

Using music and movement to help pinpoint and describe different feelings (emotional or physical), we give them a confidence-boosting, non-threatening introduction to both dance AND understanding and expressing their whole selves.

This program culminates in a 'Confidence' dance party, where we encourage self-expression and exploration of unique dance and movement styles. After all, i is for Individual.

Professional Development

Our programs are all about creating happier and healthier young Australians who seek lifelong fitness opportunities. To help achieve this vision, we offer teacher professional development sessions focusing on dance education.

Dance and dance performance are vibrant modalities for student learning across all developmental domains. We can help you to develop the skills and confidence to teach and plan for this curriculum area.

Staff professional development sessions can be arranged as whole-school, teaching teams/units, or individual staff sessions.

Content and sessions can be tailored to meet your needs. Some examples are:

  • how to develop and deliver follow-up units of dance based on our programs

  • how to teach rhythmic and expressive movement within the Health and Physical Education, F-10 curriculum area

  • how to teach dance within the, The ARTS-Dance F-10 curriculum area</br></br> how to develop dance units to assist that integrate with the Victorian Curriculum F-10: Health and Physical Education, and The Arts – Dance

  • how to develop a skillset to plan for and teach different dance areas of or genres such as cultural, social and creative dance

DanceMOB concert

Our DANCEMOB troupe comes to your school for the ultimate dance experience!

Get your kids together to celebrate the benefits of dance and fitness. In a concert format, our energetic instructors will lead kids through the 1-hour session, creating an energising environment to encourage them to dance, groove, pose, battle off and express themselves through 3 different dance styles. 

The session begins with 5 minutes of mindfulness exercises designed to help students be present and grounded for the class ahead. 

Students will then warm up with a series of fun, energetic sequences to limber up their bodies and unleash their inner dancer. 

Teachers just can’t help themselves and usually join in!  It’s the perfect way to spread positive vibes throughout your school! 

DanceMOB whole-school event

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for students. 

Your entire school will explode with the infectious, electric energy generated by this joyous celebration of dance and movement.

Each year level learns a different style of dance. choreographed by our expert DANCEMOB instructors over a 60-75-minute session. The group then performs their routine for the school at a special assembly at the end of the day.

The event concludes with a whole-school FLASHMOB, led by all DANCEMOB instructors, who encourage students, parents and teachers to join in. 

* If you have a specific curriculum outcome or theme you'd like us to include, we can design a program just for you, or choose from the list below.

Pack your bags!  Aligning with the Australian Curriculum (Cultural Dance in our Communities), this program offers students the opportunity to experience different cultural dance styles from their many origins around the world.  This includes Greek, Italian, Dancehall, Indigenous, Haka, Bollywood and African.  

Each year level will learn a routine from a different culture, before uniting in a grand performance for each other at the end of the day. It’s a true celebration of culture and community! 

This session concludes with a 10-minute whole-school Flashmob for kids, staff and even parents to join in. What a wonderful way to end your Harmony Week celebrations!

We teach each dance routine through an approach called Liyan (connection to country and spirit) by revisiting ‘memories’ through movement. This reflects the tradition of dance conveying animals or cultural themes, brought to life through ceremony. Each group has the opportunity to perform their own ceremonial dance.

The youngest children learn an age-appropriate Dreaming story of Waa (the crow) and how he was burnt by fire. The children then perform this story through dance and acting.

Junior-level children learn Bapa, a song made famous by Geoffrey Gurrumul, who sang about the loss of his father. This fluid dance embodies the snake (Biami) through a beautiful flow and dream-like essence.

Children in the middle years learn a hip hop piece performed to a song by DRMNNOW, ‘Indigenous Land’.  The dance connects hip hop with the movements of Australian animals, displaying creativity and power.

Children in the senior years learn the Bookarrakarra (Beginning of Time), a story of the place before anything existed. Our instructors share the Dreaming story of Wandjina and how the Gyorn Gyorns (first beings) came to be. Students then create a traditional or contemporary dance showing an understanding of what they have learned.

Each group will learn a fun and energetic hip hop routine suitable for their year level. This might incorporate styles like breaking, popping and the latest moves from music videos. The whole school then comes together to watch each group perform their routines. This session concludes with a 10-minute whole-school Flashmob for students, staff and even parents to join in!

Performing Arts

Bring in DANCEMOB to give your Performing Arts subject the ‘WOW’ factor.

Our talented instructors have all travelled the world performing in famous musicals and Broadway productions.

Give your students an opportunity to work with us to create a school musical that has the audience spellbound.

We're here to help you create a vibrant performing arts culture in your school that gets everyone excited and inspired about performing!

School Production

We can choreograph school concert performances and productions to give them the WOW factor that leaves the audience spellbound.

Your students will receive professional-level training and they'll need to be committed to rehearsing for a professional-standard, sharp and polished final performance.

We really give your students and the audience a taste of BROADWAY!

Wellbeing day

A whole day dance incursion of fun and fitness at school

We can bring a whole exhilarating day of fitness to your school!

Our wellbeing days immerse your students in a day of dance fitness combined with wellness messaging through our mindfulness philosophy. Like a deep, flowing energy, it pulses through our classes.

Select from our list of programs and styles across DanceMOB, FIITMOB & MindfulMOB to create your own unique celebration for your students.

Wellbeing Concert

A one hour dance incursion session for refocus

Our instructors come to your school to help create the ultimate mind-body experience for your students – combining passionate dance energy, collaborative fitness fun and irresistible rhythms with the calm, relaxing winding-down energies of mindfulness.

Get your kids together to celebrate the benefits of dance, fitness and relaxation with a holistic theme of mindfulness. In a concert format, our energetic instructors will lead kids through the 1-hour session, creating an unforgettable experience.

The session ends with mindfulness exercises designed to help students be present and grounded for the rest of their day.

We aim to give students a mind-body-spirit journey that nourishes them, spreading positive vibes throughout your school!

What we need from you

  • A large, open space suitable to accommodate both participating students and audience

  • A raised area or stage is a bonus but not compulsory

  • A wireless microphone

  • Our instructors will arrive at least 15 mins before the start of the event to sign in and set up

  • Our instructors will provide all equipment and speakers

  • Our programs are structured around your school timetable

  • Teachers must be present during the session

  • All of our instructors hold a registered Working With Children government clearance (WWCC)

Dance Incursion Pricing

All prices are negotiable to suit school budgets. We don't want students to miss out on their Nikki Visaj Movement experience!

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